Protecting Your Heating and Cooling Units With Heat Pump Services

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Heat pumps offer homeowners a completely natural and safe way to provide heat for their homes and businesses. While heat pumps have long been one of the lowest-cost and energy-efficient cooling solutions for the home, over time and improper use can cause numerous system failures and breakdowns. Signs that you should have heat pump services performed immediately include: Old age. The average age of heat pumps is about twenty years; however, older models may have been improperly installed or neglected in many instances. Heat pump repair specialists know exactly what to look for when inspecting old heat pump equipment. Old Air Source Heat Pumps. Air source heat pumps, also known as geothermal pumps, are commonly susceptible to a variety of ground-up issues, including pump failure, low refrigerant levels, and blockages. Older systems will often require pump replacement because they have inadequate design and maintenance features that make them vulnerable to these problems. Click here for more info. If your ground source heater fails, it is important to find out the exact cause. This information will help you determine the most appropriate pump replacement solution. Faulty Heating System. In most cases, the biggest contributor to the need for furnace repairs is the age of your heating system. As the heating system ages, it becomes more susceptible to mechanical failures, such as pump failure or duct leaks. This can be the result of improper installation or a faulty pump component. Furnace repairs for pump failure are also readily available from a reputable HVAC specialist. Corrosion or Badly-Inflated refrigerant. As your heating system ages, the efficiency of your refrigerant drops considerably, making it harder to operate efficiently. As a result, heat pumps that are built to be more efficient require more energy to operate than older models, resulting in higher utility bills. If you suspect that your indoor unit is leaking, or you notice that the refrigerant level is low, you should contact a qualified HVAC specialist immediately to discuss your heating system's troubles. Air Source Problems. Older air source heat pumps typically use an air compressor to cool the stored air, which requires high pressure. If air leaks are detected, the technician can identify the source of the leak and repair the problem. But there are some instances where repairing the HVAC system makes little sense, such as when the system is located in an area that experiences colder temperatures for most of the year. Click this article to get more info. Because an air source heat pump draws warm air from the outside temperature and forces it into the inside of your home, the unit may not be running at maximum efficiency unless the outside temperature is close to your heating system's optimum level. The biggest threats to air conditioners and heat pumps come from thieves and other individuals who are looking to steal the units. Installing an anti-theft device in your heating or cooling system can go a long way toward reducing the likelihood that your system will be stolen. Since most air conditioning systems have the ducts attached to the exterior of a home, they are often easy to steal. You can prevent most instances of theft by using automatic locks on all exterior doors, and you should also make sure that any outlying windows have securely locked security bars. Learn more from